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From the stage space expression means The stage lighting design skills

How to from the stage space performance means the stage lighting design skills? To learn together. 1, the research on the properties of the characteristics of lighting equipment * floodlight: heaven and earth row lights, feet light, top row floodlight and so on. * spotlight: convex lens lights, light spot. * no lens spotlight: back to the light lamp, PAR lamp, and closed the light ...

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The stage lighting audio industry association was established in guangzhou

Wang Ruixiang was elected President Report from our correspondent (reporter Li Xiuzheng The correspondent Liao Kefei) on August 12, guangzhou stage lighting audio industry association in founding conference held in Asian games village, guangzhou folk organization administration, area economic and trade bureau, area trade promotion committee, the guangzhou university expert professor and member enterprises on behalf of...

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Domestic stage lamps and lanterns industry where is the way out?

Over the years, the market of lamps and lanterns stage lasts hot, and then performing market hot, star concert frequency also gradually rise. And corresponds to the national economy level of progress, civilization tasting promotion, stage lamps and lanterns of research and development, the stage depicted in the proportion of the whole market is becoming more and more high. Market is expanding, but the level of domestic prod...

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The stage lighting equipment The difference between moving head light and the light

In the stage, the combination of each configuration to create the perfect performance, stage lighting equipment, music, drama, and so on, these all need each other to cooperate, mutual harmony, in order to give the audience is not the same visual enjoyment, and the stage lighting equipment is particularly important, it is the most powerful powerful driving force. In the middle of the stage lighting equipm...

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